CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills Paragraph Writing

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CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills Paragraph Writing

 CBSE Class 7 English Writing Skills – Paragraph Writing

Write Paragraphs on the given Topics:

1. Healthy Teeth

Rinse your teeth after every meal, remove food particles for protection from bacteria, brush teeth twice a day. Use a soft brush, avoid sweets between meals – chocolates damage teeth, visit the dentist.
Happiness is linked with sound health. We need to follow the rules of hygiene and healthy food. We should avoid eating so many sweets in order to maintain healthy teeth. Timely precautions can save us from many troubles. In the morning, we should wash our face and brush our teeth properly. After eveiy meal we should remove food particles from our teeth by rinsing them with fresh water. We should avoid excess of sweets between meals. Chocolates also damage the teeth. For protection from bacteria, we should visit the dentist time to time for check up. Negligence of any type can prove dangerous. Hence we should take proper care of our teeth.

2. How to keep fit and fine

Baked food v/s fried food; sports activity, walk to your house or school; Yoga – to fight fat and keep fit; avoid anger and tension; be calm and cheerful.
Early to bed and early to rise ensure sound health and happiness. A sound mind lives in a healthy body. But keeping fit and fine is not a child’s play. We have to be careful about our diet or food. We should eat blanced diet. Excess food can invite numerous problems. Not only blanced diet but physical exercise also helps in the growth of body. Yoga is good to fight needless fat. Anger and tension are our great enemies. They damage body and mind to a great extent. So one should be alert enough to be empowered by these two great enemies. One should try to be calm and cheerful in all circumstances.

3. A Visit to the Book Fair

Book Fairs are held every year in Delhi. The site is the Pragati Maidan. Here is an exhibition of thousands of books under one roof. You can buy books on all subjects and topics. The fair attracts millions of people from far and near. Hundreds of stalls are put up by Indian and foreign publishers. It is a great attraction for book lovers and scholars. It should not be missed.

4. Need for Education for All

Education is the key to a happy life. It develops the mind. Memory and knowledge have made men superior to all other animals. It has made men the “Lord of the universe’. It is unfortunate that millions of people in India are uneducated. Hence, they are poor and backward. They are easily cheated and exploited by a class of educated people. No nation can prosper unless the masses are educated. Hence, education should be spread even in the remotest comer of our country. Each and every Indian must be educated. Only then we can bring overall progress in our country. Poverty, the greatest curse, can be uprooted by education only. Therefore, education for all is essential. It is the sole solution of every problem.

5. The Postman

The postman is a useful public servant. He belongs to a very important and useful department. He wears a khaki uniform and khaki cap. On his duty he appears quite an active man. He carries a bag on his shoulders. There are many letters and parcels inside the bag. He distributes them while travelling on a bicycle. In the morning he sorts the dak. Then he arranges them in bundles. Thereafter, he sets out on his round. He delivers letters, parcels, money-orders and telegrams to the people of his area. Sometimes he reads or writes letters for the illiterate people. His duty is hard. He has to do his duty even in rain, cold or sunshine. He gets very few holidays. In rural area, the duty of a postman is harder. He has to cover long distances from village to village.

6. An Indian Farmer

A farmer grows food for us. He is the bread giver of the nation. His life is very hard. He gets up very early in the morning. He looks after his cattle. He tills the land and sows seeds there. He waters his fields and protects them from pests and stray cattle. At the harvest time he and his family cut the crop. They thresh it and take the grain to the market to sell it. He grows different crops in different seasons. He depends chiefly upon nature for a good crop. Sometimes his whole crop is destroyed because of hailstorms or locusts or floods. Our farmers live in acute poverty. They grow crops but themselves got little to eat. They are also ignorant. They still follow the old method of agriculture. Owing to their poverty and ignorance, they do not make use of scientific implements. Hence, it is necessary to spread awareness among them.

7. My Best Friend

I am fortunate to have many good friends. But my best friend is Rajan. We have a lot in common. We both love reading books and newspaper. We also play cricket in the evening. Both of us are very much fond of south Indian food. Rahul is a good boy. He is very polite to old people, women and strangers. He behaves well with eveiybody. He loves children. He can spend hours playing with them. He is a brilliant student as well. He is equally good in sports. He is very sincere, honest and hard-working. I have learnt a lot from him. We share each other’s joys and sorrows. He often reminds me of the popular saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Whenever I get tensed he stands by my side and tries to ooze out all my tensions. I am so proud of him. He is really a boy of fine qualities. Perhaps therefore I adore him so much. I am sure that our friendship will last long. May God bless our friendship.

8. The Teacher I Like Most

All the teachers of my school are highly educated. They are all sincere, dedicated and hard-working. However I like Mrs. Biswas the most. She is a tall, graceful and interesting lady. She is always well-dressed. She is well-informed also. She teaches us English in a lively manner. Her lectures are always interesting. She never loses her patience with the students. She tries to explain the subject in simple language. She is very regular in teaching. She keeps a strict discipline in the class. She never uses a rod. She is never partial to anyone. Her hard-working nature is an inspiration to us. She encourages the students to ask questions. She is always there to help us even after the school hours. All these qualities have made her very popular among the students. Other teachers respect her very much. The principal has much faith in her. In all school activities she is always present. I have special regards for her. She commands respect and affection of one and all.

9. The Cow

The cow is a mammal. It is a domestic animal. It provides us with milk. A cow is considered sacred in India. It is regarded as a mother by the Hindus. The cow is a herbivorous animal. It eats grass and husk. The cow is a very useful animal. It gives us many valuable things. Just take the example of milk. We can’t think a day without milk. Milk is so important for us. It is highly nourishing, especially for young children. People of all are group like to drink a glass of fresh milk. The cowdung is used as a manure. It is also used as fuel. Her calves are used in farming and for drawing carts. Her skin is used as leather to make shoes. Her horns are used to make decorative items. The cow is rightly worshipped by the Hindus.

10. The Railway Coolie

Everyone is familiar with the railway coolie. He is a man who carries luggage of the passengers to train compartment and takes down it from the compartment. He wears red shirt and a yellow turban. He ties a brass plate. He is aware of the rules and regulations of railways. He knows train numbers, their names and their arrival and departure time along with the platform numbers. He is very helpful to the passengers. If a passenger has any confusion about any train, the coolie comes to his help. He carries heavy loads. His hard work goes on from day to day without any rest, without and recreation. He gets a small amount for his work. The amount generally depends upon the weight of load, the distance etc. Thus, the coolie is very useful for the passengers. His service is really commendable. We must keep soft comer for him. Whenever, we hire a coolie, we must give him genuine payment.

11. The Television

Television is one of the wonders of science. It is more friendly and entertaining than a radio. It functions on the principles of wireless. Television is an important means of entertainment. The introduction of colour television and the invitation of private companies to show sponsored programmes have made TV hugely popular. It is educative as well as informative. It is an important means of spreading education and fighting social evils. A television is a box shaped object. It has a screen on which the pictures move. It receives the pictures from sattelite through a set top box (STB). We can control its brightness, colour, contrast, volume and the channels by using a remote. One can see a variety of programmes on television. Sports programmes and serials on health and UGC programmes in the morning are valuable. But one should not be addicted to watching TV.

12. A Rainy Day

I like rainy season very much. Rains are a welcome change after the hot summer months. One day I was on way to my school. Suddenly the sky was overcast with dark clouds. Then the rain drops began to fall. I didn’t have an umbrella. By the time I reached school, it started raining heavily. Thank God I was not completely drenched. But due to heavy rain a lot of students and teachers got badly wet. After an hour, our principal declared a holiday. We returned home as soon as there was a short break in the rain. In the afternoon my mother served us hot pakoras. It was an enjoyable day for me and all children of my age. I with my friends enjoyed floating paper boats in the running day water. We shouted loudly whenever anyone’s boat got sunk or carried away by the current of water. It was really a memorable day for me. I always welcome such a day for the enjoyment and freshness that it brings to us.

13. A Hot Day

Summer season is usually troublesome. That is why it is not liked by most of the people. Power cuts occur frequently. It makes the situation worse. Last Friday I had gone to see an important book fair. Firstly, I wanted to avoid it because of extreme heat. I was sweating badly. I boarded the bus. But I found it very suffocating. I found very few people on the roads. Perhaps most of them preferred to stay inside to avoid the heat. All kinds of work seemed to be suspended. I badly needed a glass of cool water. I got a little relief when I reached my destination. The hall where the book fair was held was air-conditioned. I thanked God. I enjoyed going around and selecting books of my choice. But on my way back home, my clothes were again wet with sweat. I drank a bottle of refrigerated water as soon as I reached home. Afterwards I sat before the cooler. But it was too hot to feel comfortable.

14. The Republic Day

India adopted its own Constitution on the 26th of January, 1950. With this India became a Republic. Since then, 26th January is celebrated with great pomp and show. The President of India presides over the Republic Day Parade which is held in the capital from the Rajghat along the Vijay Path to mark the importance of the day. He or she unfurls the national flag. He or she is given a twenty-one gun salute. There is a colourful ‘ march past of the armed forces. Various war weapons are displayed. Cultural pageants are presented by various states. School children from various schools and folk artists also take part in the parade. Brave children sitting on the elephants are the main attraction of the day. Those who cannot go there in person, watch the ceremony on their TV sets.

15. Holi

Holi is the festival of colours, fun and frolic. People apply colour on each other’s face. Children and some adults also play with coloured water. There is a story about this festival. On this day, Prahalad, the child devotee of Lord Vishnu, escaped from being burnt to death while sitting in the lap of Holika. She had a boon which made her fire¬proof. When she tried to bum Prahalad, Vishnu got angry. Lord Vishnu took away his l – boon. So, Holika was burnt to death. The event symbolises the victory of good over evil, Hence, Holi is celebrated every year to commemorate this historic event. Huge bonfires
are lit on the eve of Holi to mark the end of Holika, the evil spirit. I eagerly avoid the Holi festival in March. There is festivity in the air, which I enjoy the most. People, forgetting their malice, meet with one another and bade good wishes. Thus, Holi is the festival that j brings people closer. We should celebrate this festival in high spirit.

16. Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. It comes in the month of Kartik (October/November) on Amavasya day. It is celebrated in the honour of Lord Rama’s returning home after fourteen years of exile. On this day people also worship goddess Lakshmi. Preparations for this festival start several days in advance. The houses are cleaned, painted and white-washed. They are also decorated with flowers. However, on the day of the festival, earthen lamps, candles and electric bulbs etc. are lit. On this occasion, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped. Also, sweets are exchanged. All the sweet shops are well-decorated. Sweets are put in an attractive manner. Children play with fire-works and explode crackers. But this practive pollutes the environment. However, I enjoy this festival most.

17. Life without Newspapers ?

Newspapers have become an essential part of our daily life. We cannot live without them. The morning newspaper is an indispensable for a good start of our day as the morning cup of tea. A newspaper in the modem society has great social and educative value, it is a common media of giving news along with views. It satisfies different types of people. A?*$ business man reads a newspaper to know the market trends, a book reader wants to know about the latest arrivals, a sportsperson wants to know a great deal about the sports, a farmer is eager to know the weather of the day. A newspaper contains all these news and therefore, it is read by almost one and all. But sometimes some newspapers present only the negative side of a thing. Sometimes they even publish false reports. These are the major drawbacks of newspapers. A newspaper must be above all these drawbacks and given priorities to the news of national importance.

18. Value of Games

There is a popular saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This clearly points out the importance of games and sports. Needless to say that games and sports are necessary for the all round development of a child. Youths are energetic. So they should spare some time from their studies and devote it to sports. Sports give food to” their body, mind and soul. Sports teach them the value of discipline, cooperation ^and tolerance. Sports also teach them the value of team work. While playing every player is the member of a team and he has to play not for his owri good but for the good of the whole team. The students learn lessons of true sportsmanship by playing various games and sports. Hence, games and sports should be given due importance. Giving proper?#, hours to studies is good but this does not mean that one should avoid playing. There should be a proper balance between studies and playing games and sports.

19. Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation is one of the major global issues. The overuse of resources be it land or water and the rapid industrialisation are the major causes of this phenomenon. Man has been cutting trees for his selfish purposes. He never bothers about its dangerous consequences. But one thing is clear that if this process goes on without any check it will lead to soil erosion and floods. Our ever-increasing population is also a major cause of environmental degradation. It promotes urbanisation, which results in congestion and environmental pollution. Hence, it is necessary to control our population, otherwise we will have to live in polluted surroundings, which will definitely damage our health. Our industries emit smoke and discharge liquids including polluted wikterf Therefore, factories should not be allowed to emit large quartities of harmful effluents into air through their chimneys. They should discharge them into the rivers. We should also know the value of tree plantation and should plant trees in our surroundings. It is necessary to check environmental degradation for the sake of the entire humanity.

20. Value of Discipline

Discipline can be defined as a mode of ideal conduct based on obedience to law, regularity and sense of duty. Discipline is the national virtue of great people. In discipline lies the strength of a nation. We can notice discipline in our nature too. The earth, the moon, the sun, all follow a certain system. Discipline is necessary in all walks of life. Whether it is playground or it is school or college discipline is important everywhere. Without it our goal can never be achieved. Children must be taught to obey their parents, their
teachers. They must be taught to follow the norms of life, to follow the rules of discipline inside and outside the homes. We should get inspiration from the lives of the great men such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln etc. These great persons valued disciplines in their entire life. We should also do the same in order to achieve the highest goal. Discipline should be our guide and guardian. We must keep it in mind that a disciplined boy is loved and liked by all.

21. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the superstar of the Indian cricket. He has brought several laurels for India. His talent is appreciated not only by the people living in India but also by those who live abroad. He was bom on April 24, 1973 in Mumbai. He was very much impressed by Kapil Dev and wanted to be as great as him. He worked hard to realise his dream. He began to play cricket at a very tender age. i.e., 15. He became the youngest Indian champion of Indian cricket, when he had yet not reached the age of 17. However, it was the year 1988 during which he broke the 74 year old world record of establishing a third wicket partnership of 644 runs in the Mari’s shield Semifinals. In the final, he Served another triple century. It was really a great achievement for him. In the world Gup 2003, which held in South Africa his performance was wonderful. He got there Man of the Match’ awards for scoring nearly 500 runs during that world cup. He is the top- scorer in test cricket as well as in one day cricket. His test-runs are 14000 and one day runs are 18000. I am a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar’s name is taken wjth reverence. He is the God of the cricket world.

22. Subhash Chandra Bose

Subhash Chandra Bose was a great leader of India. He was bom on 23rd January 1896. His countrymen called him “Netaji” because he led them to the right path. He never liked Englishmen in his country and wanted to turn them out as soon as possible. He vowed to serve his motherland by participating in the country’s freedom struggle. He went to jail many times. But soon he found out that more efforts would be made to make India free. The British Power was getting weaker in the Second World War. He thought of striking it from all sides. One day he escaped from Kolkata in the guise of a pathan and went to Germany. From there he went to Japan. He organised the Indian National Army that fought many battles against the British armies. He said to his countrymen, “Give me blood and I will give you freedom”. At this appeal hundreds of Indians abroad gave their all for the good of India. It was bad day for India that Netaji died in an air crash. We shall always remember him as the greatest fighter for the freedom of India.

23. Trees – Our friends

Trees are very important for us. It is unfortunate that we are ignoring their significance and playing havoc with them. We must be aware of the fact that trees take nothing from us but gives so many things upon which our very existence depends. Trees produce oxygen in the presence of sunlight which is one of the most important conditions for the survival of man. Trees maintain the ecological balance of nature and bring rain through transpiration. They purify air, which is the base of our life. They act as the home for many animals and birds. They give gum, lac, wood and many other products for the use of men. Children enjoy various games under their shade. The roots of trees bind soil and prevent soil erosion. Hence, we should avoid cutting of trees. Instead we should plant more and more trees. Cutting of forests causes what is called “The Green House Effect”. It results in the heating of the earth’s surface or global warming which has serious
consequences for life on this planet. Afforestation is the only measure that can be taken to avoid these disastrous results. We must save trees for the sake of our own existence. Trees are our friends and we must increase their number on the earth. Let’s take a pledge to plant trees in more and more numbers.

24. What I Enjoy Doing Most in My Leisure Time

Whenever I get leisure time I enjoy gardening. I am a great lover of nature and therefore I spend most of my leisure time in my garden, though a small one. It is in the compound of my house. I take great interest in preparing the soil for sowing several vegetable seeds by digging and manuring it. I am equally fond of growing flowers. In my garden one can see beautiful roses, dehlias, marigolds, lillies etc. I love to study among these beautiful flowers. I feel highly concentrated in my garden especially when I study. I am fond of green vegetables such as ladyfingers, pumpkins and cucumber. I grow them in abundance. My grandparents and parents are fond of bitter gourds. Therefore, I grow them too. I enjoy watering these plants. I closely watch their steady growth. I keep my garden neat and clean.

25. My Dream in Life

Everyone cherishes some dream in life. It gives a meaning of one’s life. I also cherish a sweet dream. I know I will have to do hard labour to realise my dream. But I am sure I will do hard work day and night to achieve it. Yes, I desire to become a doctor. I think I can serve my motherland in its optimum amount by becoming a worthy doctor. I have great sympathy with those who are unfortunately leading a very hard life. They live in dingy places and therefore become victim to many diseases. They don’t have enough money to go to a doctor. They are bound to suffer in helplessness. I want to serve these people. I would like to open my clinic in some rural areas so that I may prove myself helpful to poor villagers. I also wish to invent a perfect cure of cancer, a deadly disease. I dream a day when our society will be free from this fatal disease. I am working hard in my studies and hope that I will fulfil my dream in the coming years.

26. Modern Gadgets – A Boon

Modern gadgets are a boon to us because they have made our life very comfortable. Through wireless, telegraph and fax machines messages can now be easily sent to any part of the world. Modem gadgets incorporate all the comforts and highest standards in engineering innovation and reliability that have greatly contributed to man’s welfare. New equipment for navigation, data-processing, computer controlled radar system providing information on a variety of new products for use at construction sites are advantages of the modern gadgets. They have greatly contributed to our entertainment such as television, compact discs both audio and visual, radios etc. As a result of the invention of these modem gadgets man’s life style has been changed completely. Now he cannot think to exist without them, because they have become necessities of his life. They have also added to the power of man.

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