Coordinating Conjunctions कोऑर्डिनेटिंग कंजंक्टिव्स

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कोऑर्डिनेटिंग कंजंक्टिव्स

1. और – “and”—means “in addition to”:

  • We are going to a zoo and an aquarium on a same day.

2. लेकिन – “but”—connects two different things that are not in agreement:

  • I am a night owl, but she is an early bird.

3. या – “or”—indicates a choice between two things:

  • Do you want a red one or a blue one?

4. तो,इसलिए -“So”—illustrates a result of the first thing:

  • This song has been very popular, so I downloaded it.

5. के, लिए “For”—means “because”:

  • I want to go there again, for it was a wonderful trip.

6. अभी तक”Yet”—indicates contrast with something:

  • He performed very well, yet he didn’t make the final cut.

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