Deepawali / Diwali Essay in English

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Deepawali / Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of India. The word Diwali is an incorrect from of the word “Dipawali” which means “rows of light”. The festival of Diwali takes place on the fifteenth day in the month of Kartik when winter seasons begins.Festival of Lights – Indian Festival Diwali 3rd November, 2013 …
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There are various opinions about it. The jains believe that on this day Mahavir Swami went to the heaven, there he was received warmly by the gods. He got Nirvan on this day. The Hindus celebrate this festival because on this day Shri Ramchandra returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravan the king of Lanka. People lighted their houses in this honor.


This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. People whitewash their houses and shops with pictures, toys and paper flowers. All wooden things are painted and polished. Women prepare Pucca food in their houses.


On the night of Diwali people illuminate their houses and shops. Poor people light their houses with chirag. The rich people light their houses with electric bulbs of different colors. In big cities money is spent on fireworks. All people are happy. They are seen in their best clothes.

At about 10 P.M people close their shops and go to their houses. Then they worship Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth. after worshiping they enjoyed the rich food prepared for the day. They send sweets and Khil batasha to their friends and relatives. The officers give bakshih to their servants. Alms are given to the poor.

Merchants are traders and shopkeepers close their old accounts. They open new ones for the new year. The Hindus believe that goddess Lakshmi comes to their house at night. So they keep awake for the whole night.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The festival is very useful to the people. It comes after rainy season. So all dirty things and rubbish are removed from the houses. The air become pure by the smell of havans and the smoke of chirags. Shopkeepers and toy sellers earn a lot of money on this festival.

Though this festival is so useful, it is not free from evils. Gambling should be discouraged among the people. It is a blot on this happy day. Festivals like Diwali are the only occasions for showing the social and religious sprit of the nation.

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