Freedom of Speech Essay in Enlgish

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Freedom of Speech

Democracy is based profoundly on the right for people to express their views. Freedom of speech is a basic human right in all free society, it is essential in decision making from parliament to community level. When this basic human right is threaten, people become very emotional and will do anything to protect it. This can lead to social unrest and alternatively have negative effects on the economy. Some people argue that freedom of speech should only be allowed to a certain extent. In my views in order for any nation to be considered free, it’s citizen must be able to say how they feel.

To begin with, government make laws base on the constitution of a country. In a free society before laws are made,legislation are examine by those who are in agreement and those opposing. In this case everyone has a say, so it is very difficult for any leader to take advantage of the system. Further more, individuals feel safe and valuable in a free country when they are allow to express their feelings by voting during general elections,and even when making community decisions. Trying to remove or reduce this democratic right can cause protest and even riots. Take for instance the series of riots that took place in the caribbean during the mid 1900, was mainly due to the fact that some official leaders were trying to abuse the system in order to introduce communism. This lead to long term negative economic growth as international trade seized through out the period.

On the the other hand, some people argues that if critical decisions are to be made base on how everyone feels, the country will remain stagnant to change because we cannot please everyone at the same time. They argues further by stating that only some social changes should include the population opinion for instance health and education, where as matters of national security should always remain unclassified.

In short, despite the fact that people in free societies have difference in opinion, it is the duty of policy makers to keep the people informed and up to date when making decisions on their behalf. There is no justification for doing otherwise because freedom starts with a voice.

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