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For becoming a successful man, one should have a certain aim in one’s life. A man without aim is like a rudderless ship in a stormy sea. The aim of an individual should be noble and good to shape his career in the later part of life. Without a right or aim right choice of profession, the problem of bread cannot be solved. In addition to this, the purpose of birth will be defeated bringing penitence unto him.
As an individual, I have certain needs to fulfill but simultaneously I have an aim to serve my countrymen. The best service I can render to my countrymen is by becoming a doctor of good repute.
Undoubtedly it is a humanitarian profession. In Hindu philosophy, a doctor is adjudged as the second god. I have a great aptitude for the study of medicine. The study of medical science is for the benefaction of mankind. By studying the art of healing I can cure diseases and fight against death.
In my view, it is nobler than any other profession. In my country, there are limited opportunities for the study of medicine. Its opportunities should be enlarged for the better service of the human race.
The number of the doctor is limited keeping in view the population of our vast country. The state helps with the extension of hospitals. There is a great want in the field of well-equipped laboratories. Laboratories are of immense necessity for research works for different systems of treatment.
Many new diseases are spreading in India an account of the lack of research work. There are malaria, TB diseases, cancer, brain fever, asthma, and blood pressure. The number of the hospital should be increased for facilitating the cure of such diseases.
India is a land of villages. There is a lack of trained doctors in village areas. I shall try to be a good doctor. I have a great weakness for rendering, services to the members of the society such as nursing the sick. I shall try to spread education among the illiterate ones for sanitation and keep the people aware of environmental pollution. I have a weakness for technical education. I have been well trained in practical art and science.
I have a good scientific basis. I shall try to produce the best of medicines with the least expense and shall try for their serving at the cheapest rate.
As a doctor, I shall serve the people sincerely without being a money-monger. I want to be a doctor like Dr. Bidhan Chandra. I shall work for the development of health care of the village people of my country. I shall try for the betterment of people.
I shall stick to the profession with tenacity without wavering. I shall not lose my heart if I cannot progress at the start. I shall have faith in myself and I shall apply myself to the task. My honest efforts must reward me with success.
Now I am preparing for the medical entrance test. I come of a well to do family and I feel, I must do the right thing in the right moment. If at all I am given an opportunity to study medicine I shall spend the life in the realization of the lofty ideals.

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