The Infinitive – इनफिनीटिव

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The Infinitive – इनफिनीटिव

The base form of a verb, that is often preceded by to in a sentence is known as the infinitive. Although sometimes it still is an infinitive when it is used without the to.
इनफिनीटिव वर्ब का मूल रूप है जिसके पहले वाक्य में आम तौर पर to का उपयोग होता है. हाला कि कभी-कभी बिना to के भी यह infinitive ही होता है.

Infinitive is like a noun that has the features of a verb, specially that of taking an object. It is sometimes also referred to as the Verb-Noun.
इनफिनीटिव एक noun की तरह है जिसमें वर्ब के कुछ गुण मौजूद होते हैं, विशेष कर वह गुण जिसके तहत उसका भी object हो सकता है. इसी लिये इसे Verb-Noun भी कहा जाता है.

for eg…

I want to go. to go is the infinitive. It is the object of the verb want
He likes to play cricket. here the infinitive is to play. Like a noun, it is the object of the verb likes, and like a verb it also takes an object.

Infinitive without to: Although to is frequently used with the infinitive it is not an essential part or indicator of it.
हालाकी, इनफिनीटिव को अकसर to के साथ में उपयोग किया जाता है, यह इसका एक अनिवार्य भाग यह पहचान चिन्ह नहीं है.

I heard him shout. here the infinitive is shout. It is an objective complement.

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